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Waterloo to Wozair


Wozair was originally established in the UK in 1986 as Waterloo Air Technology. Following a management buy-out of Waterloo-Ozonair in 1995, the name was abbreviated to Wozair in 2000 and since then the company has expanded quickly into new sectors and across the globe.

International Operations

Wozair opened its first international office in Singapore in 2003, followed by Houston in 2006, Dubai in 2007, Brisbane in 2008 and Busan in 2011. On top of this, Wozair Group factories have been opened in Singapore, Malaysia, Houston and South Korea to go with our primary manufacturing base in the UK. We now have 250,000 man hours annual capacity and 15,000 m² of workshop space available, and all Wozair locations are certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our UK factory has 7,000m² of workshop space and is adjoined by 1250m² of office space. It employs 50 skilled operatives (including 25 coded welders), 45 engineers, five document control staff and an array of contract and temporary staff including controls engineers, welding engineers, structural engineers and acoustic engineers. It employs the latest technology including new CNC laser cutting equipment and manufactures all types of Wozair product.

Our high standards and vast experience have seen us grow to become one of the foremost global manufacturers of HVAC equipment. Our broad product range, comprehensive engineering and site service capabilities and peerless innovation positions us as a company capable of meeting customer requirements in a wide range of sectors and environments. On top of this, our uniquely automated design, estimating, drafting and production engineering software enables quotations to be quickly provided and orders processed to manufacture extremely efficiently.


Development & Innovation

Wozair employs a full time team to develop products and systems to ensure that we stay at the leading edge of innovation in our market, while remaining fully compliant with the latest certifications and international requirements. Our development procedures include design of manufacture of new products as well as re-testing of existing products to ensure compliance with the latest IMO, ATEX and other industry standards.

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  • Innovations

    Fire In The Hole

    We're proud to announce our range of pre-engineered solutions, which can be delivered more quickly and cost-effectively than bespoke equipment.

    At Wozair we have decades of experience constructing bespoke fire damper solutions to suit a range of scenarios across different sectors. Over this time we've been able to develop configurations and design protocols which allow us to construct pre-engineered solutions to suit 80% of customer requirements. These packages can be quoted for more quickly, delivered more quickly and installed more cost-effectively than anything else on the market. Contact us today if you're interested in le

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  • Innovations

    Cruise Control

    We have been developing brand new cabin units, of which there are now five variations to suit different requirements and use cases.

    Wozair Cabin Unit Ventilation products are industry-leading in terms of quality, durability and performance. They are constructed from galvanised steel, and we install them with a manual lever for damper adjustment as standard. Depending on the mode, they have an airflow of 200/500 m3/h. We also offer an optional heater with PWN or ON/OFF management system, and a pressure dependent or independent operation system. Our engineering has delivered Cabin Unit Ventilation products that are far q

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  • Innovations

    Blast Proof

    Introducing the Wozair Blast Tube Array - our patented blast protection unit with no moving parts and no maintenance required. The ultimate in blast safety.

    The Wozair Blast Tube Array (BTA) is a genuine technological revolution. It applies elegant, creative design to address some long-standing technical challenges and does so without any moving parts, so it's effectively maintenance free. Our BTA is patented, fully verified and tested and completely unrivalled. Contact us today to find out more.

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