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  • Group Capabilities Demonstrated

    Group Capabilities Demonstrated

    Wozair secured their first project with Thermoplant since joining the Wozair Group in July last year. The project scope consists of the design, manufacture and installation of six sets of Veotec SE2-20SS Spray Eliminators in addition to the supply of commissioning spares for a CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) power station. Thermoplant were initially contacted by ABB who supplied a number of drives to the power station, after a referral by a UK container manufacturer, following reports of high humidity and water ingress in their drive modules. Thermoplant and Wozair attended site to conduct a survey of existing equipment and subsequently advised on the best solution to resolve the issues witnessed on site. As a result of these exchanges, Tony Williams, Director of Thermoplant and his team are also in the process of tendering for similar solutions and installations at other plants throughout the UK, as well as various projects in the Far East and Middle East. This is an exciting project for the Wozair Group that clearly demonstrates the benefits and synergies created by the acquisitions of both Veotec and Thermoplant. Before photos. After photos. Get in touch for more information about the work that Wozair does in the development and production of HVAC equipment.

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  • Solution for Air Inlet / Weather Hoods

    Solution for Air Inlet / Weather Hoods

    Our Innovative Replacement Solution for Air Inlet / Weather Hoods

    What level of protection do you believe a weather hood gives your filter system, and what impact are the hoods having on the airflow within the housing? Veotec, a subsidiary of the Wozair Group, believe that these are compromises that you don't need to make, our vertical louvres provide unsurpassed levels of water removal, down to 2µm water droplets. Weather hoods have no efficiency against airborne water droplets, they are only effective against falling rain. Additionally, due to the continuous nature of a vane separator, compared to the segmented nature of weather hoods, the airflow into the filter house is much less turbulent and the velocities are much more even. Traditionally gas turbine filter houses are fitted with weather hoods for the first stage of protection against the weather. Primarily their function is to remove bulk water from rain fall and snow protection. However, we believe there is a better more economical solution. Flow through traditional weather louvres                                  Flow through Veotec vertical louvres   These CFD images show incoming air velocity for traditional weather hoods and vertical louvres/inertial vane separator using identical air volume and duct dimensions. This comparison clearly shows traditional weather hoods have radical fluctuations in velocity compared to vertical louvers/inertial vane separators. The highest velocity for weather hoods is typically observed nearest to the rear of the hoods and biased across the inlet to the lowest hoods. This means the face area of the air intake does not get an even distribution of air flow resulting in the subsequent increased likelihood of water ingress and a varied distribution of air within the filter house across all stages of filtrations as certain sections become more heavily loaded than others. A common solution that is deployed to combat the aforementioned affects weather hoods is the installation of drift eliminator panels to remove some of the droplets that would normally bypass the weather hoods. The efficiency of water droplet removal is linked to velocity therefore in a similar fashion to those reasons stated above, the majority of drift eliminator panels will have minimal effectiveness. Such drift eliminator panels shall also bare a significant additional pressure loss restriction to the system. By installing Veotec’s vertical louvres/inertial vane separators in place of weather hoods the air velocity and distribution is uniform across the full face of the filter house giving predictable performance against water ingress. In independent testing this equipment has been shown to remove 97% of 2 µm water particles and 100% of 5 µm water particles with a pressure loss of only 20Pa at 3.0 m/sec velocity and even greater performance at higher velocities.     Rain and traditional weather hoods                           Rain and Veotec vertical louvers/inertial separators   Furthermore, filter houses with fitted with weather hoods lacking in sufficient drainage facilities are often subject to an inherent problem whereby rain cascades down the front of the hoods. The collected water generally drops from one hood down to the next hood multiplying the water from hood to hood down the face of the inlet. A simple rain shower quickly becomes a waterfall across the hoods. The first few rows of hoods may resist ingress however the lower sections of the intake shall eventually can become overwhelmed by the volume of water leading to further ingress into the filter house often to the detriment of the pre-filters leading to increased maintenance as the bottom rows of filters quickly get saturated. Filters exhibit a spike in restriction prematurely, leading to reduced filter efficiency, shortened filter service life and contamination getting washed through the filters. Due to the design of the vertical louvres/inertial vane separators, the amount of water that can be removed is very high and does not vary across the face area of the inlet. In independent test results the water handling capacity of this equipment was 36 litres (9.45 galls) per minute per square metre of product.   Photographs from inside a typical filter house fitted with traditional filter hoods Photographs from inside a typical filter house 12 months after having vertical louvres/inertial vane separators fitted The water ingress and air velocity variations can also cause several problems for the air filters. Filters are tested in a controlled laboratory setting with relatively uniform velocity conditions and generally stable humidity. These filters are given performance ratings. Those standardized ratings help end users select appropriate performance characteristics to suit their needs. Unfortunately, many filters will experience reduced efficiency and lower dust loading capacity at higher velocities. A F9 filter at 4 m/s (787 ft./min) may drop a grade or two at 5 m/s (984 ft./min.) Dry filters generally maintain efficiency as reported - Standardized tests classify dry filters in a dry laboratory environment with dry dusts. Saturating filters will change the performance. Filters capture and remove particulate from the air. Filters eventually load and either need cleaning or replacement. Some of the contaminants captured on the filters are water soluble. The addition of water or moisture into an installation converts some particles into a solution which is detrimental to the performance of the filtration and or subsequent systems and processes, such as saline solutions which can cause corrosion. Some soluble solutions can seep through most air filters like coffee flows through a coffee filter. The contaminated solution migrates through the filter from the dirty air side to the clean air side where it can dry out and become airborne later. Carrying the contamination into the turbine or other equipment downstream of the filters. Some of the contaminants captured on the filters absorb moisture and swell up like a sponge. Some filters use hydrophilic fibres that also absorb water. These hydrophilic particles and fibres grow and blind off the filter media when wet causing the restriction to increase. The air simply must work harder to get past the larger particles. The level of dust loading and the amount of precipitation bypassing the hoods will impact the intensity of the restriction spikes and the time required to recover after a precipitation event. Wet particles and fibres may also contribute to premature filter media breakdown in freezing environments. Hydrophilic particles hold moisture next to the filter fibres. The moisture then expands during freeze events causing microscopic ruptures throughout the filter surface. Repeated wetting and freezing events will result in performance degradation. End of filter life is normally observed as increasing frequency and intensity of restriction and precipitation induced restriction spikes. Dry filters will perform better and last longer. For more information please contact    

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  • Wozair Oil and Gas Module Solutions

    Wozair Oil and Gas Module Solutions

    Offshore / Onshore Oil and Gas Module Solutions

    Our ever-growing range of products provide solutions for a wide array of cross-sector applications including onshore and offshore oil and gas modules. This leaflet demonstrates the various products suited to these modules and how each of them perform their role in a HVAC environment. At Wozair, we understand that each project is different and therefore requires a bespoke solution. We have a full range of Dampers, Air Handling Units, Filtration and Refrigeration Solutions and Air Terminal Devices to suit your needs and each product meets or exceeds the latest industry standards. We have over 33 years’ experience in the HVAC industry and a team of experienced engineers ready to discuss your requirements. If you would like any more information about any of these products, then please get in touch – Download your copy of the Offshore / Onshore Oil & Gas Modules leaflet

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  • Production Begins at Appomattox

    Production Begins at Appomattox

    The Appomattox floating oil production system operated by Shell started production on Thursday 17th May, several months ahead of schedule. The development is a joint venture between Shell (79%) and CNOOC (21%) and is one of the largest projects to have recently launched in the Gulf of Mexico. The platform is expected to produce 175,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day from its position 80 miles southeast of the Louisiana coastline. Wozair manufactured a range of dampers and spares and offered various support services for Appomattox from September 2015 to December 2016, all of which were manufactured at their US facility in Houston, Texas. The factory, which opened in 2006, was one of four new manufacturing facilities that formed part of an international expansion by Wozair, who has since acquired two new businesses in the UK. Last year, Shell announced a new discovery near Appomattox that can be further drilled and developed through connections to the platform called the Dover discovery, which will prevent the need to build a new platform in the future. Since approving Appomattox in 2015, Shell has said that it achieved cost reductions of 40% as part of their commitment to drive down costs through efficiency improvements during execution. Wozair USA are pleased to have been part of the cost-saving project that has since led to new discoveries in the first large-scale production off the Gulf of Mexico.   Photo Credit : Shell

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  • MFD Fire Test with Petz Actuator

    MFD Fire Test with Petz Actuator

    The Wozair MFD achieves A-60 fire test rating with Petz actuator

    The Wozair MFD Achieves A-60 Fire Test Rating with Petz Actuator Wozair is delighted to have completed a series of successful fire tests on their MFD (Marine Fire Damper) using the Petz QT electric actuator. The damper has achieved an A-60 fire test rating in accordance with the IMO FTP Code 2010. These fire tests give Wozair the ability to offer fire dampers at 1220mm x 1525mm (duct width x height) as a single module. The same rating is achieved in both deck and bulkhead configurations. This and other developments underpin Wozair’s commitment to being a market leader in the offshore HVAC industry. You can view footage of the testing below. [video width="608" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

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  • Jet Fly High in 2018

    Jet Fly High in 2018

    Jet Environmental is a small business acquired by Wozair in 2016. Based in Solihull in the West Midlands the team of 10 design and install temperature control systems in large volume, open plan industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical buildings. We use the latest air induction technology and work with blue chip businesses and leading consultants and contractors. Our small tight knit team mixes with some illustrious company; this year we have installed systems for Nestle, BooHoo, Pretty Little Thing, NHS and Hyundai to name a few. A total of 20 projects with a value over £9m and profit over £3m makes 2018 Jet’s most successful to date! Next year we are poised for more business and have bolstered our team with an additional project engineer and HVAC system design engineer. We would like to congratulate everyone involved in this achievement and look forward to seeing what 2019 brings. Jason Hibbs - Director, Jet Environmental

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  • Time Lapse – Louvres Installation

    Time Lapse – Louvres Installation

    The Veotec Group are a UK based subsidiary of The Wozair Group with a strong presence in the USA. Here is a 10-minute time lapse of the Veotec Americas team installing their ESFH Fluid Heated Louvres at Augsburg University, Minnesota. SEFH fluid heated air intake louvers combine the superior water removal efficiency of Veotec SE1 vane separators with heat exchanger technology to de-ice the inlet and heat or chill the air stream. The anti-icing properties effectively removes snow, ice, hoarfrost, drift, fog, mist, and rain from the air stream. Snow bounces off and through most cold louvers, hoods, and drift eliminators until it finally builds up on the filters or on the eliminator. Veotec SEFH fluid heated louvers melt snow and prevent icing. Snow flakes instantly melt into water droplets where we effectively drain the coalesced droplets away. SEFH fluid heated louvers are optimally spaced for first stage water removal for inlets and filtration systems so there is no need for pre-filtration like normal coils. In many cases these louvers can be bolted in place of hoods. If required, the louvers can be sized to fit inside of most hoods. Inlets already using coils can benefit from an added boost in performance.

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  • New Products Launched!

    New Products Launched!

    The Wozair Group launch two new products at ADIPEC 2018.

    The Wozair Group are delighted to reveal they launched two new products at ADIPEC 2018 hosted in Abu Dhabi this month, extending their range of ever-growing innovative products. The products offer dust control solutions, protecting intake systems from the ingress of harmful particulate in harsh environments. The Spin tube is an inertia self-cleaning, high efficiency filter which boasts improved pressure loss under normal operating conditions. It is made from polypropylene, however fire-resistant alternatives can be used instead where fire precautions are specified. The Sand Trap Louvre is designed to remove the bulk of airborne sand and dust from inlet air in dry and sandy climates whilst maintaining airflow. The double blade design evacuates the sand from the base of the louvre via slots, keeping maintenance to a minimum and ensuring airflow under all conditions. The Design and Innovation Team who ensure the Wozair Group remain at the cutting edge of innovation in their market, are delighted with the improved efficiency of the products, all of which remain fully compliant with the latest certifications and international requirements. If you would like more information about either of the products or would like to speak with one of our specialists to discuss your requirements, then please get in touch –

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  • BTA for the Jules Horowitz Reactor

    BTA for the Jules Horowitz Reactor

    Wozair Limited have been selected to manufacture Blast Protection Dampers for the Jules Horowitz Reactor (RHJ) which is currently under construction at Cadarache in Southern France. The RJH is a Material Test Reactor (MTR) named after the 20th century French nuclear scientist Jules Horowitz and is expected to begin operation in 2021. The reactors construction was recommended by ESFRI as a replacement for the European Union’s existing materials testing reactors, which were all built in the 1960’s, and are expected to reach the end of their service lives by 2020. Blast Tube Array (BTA) will be provided for the programme in both single and modular sizes of up to 2440W/1300H and 2500W/1000H. The dampers are located on the MVK and MVL backup networks between the external AHU and between the exhaust fans and external fans. Blast systems will also be included on the fresh air ducting and exhaust of cooling units EIS2. The Wozair BTA is a technical revolution in blast protection, addressing several technical challenges whilst providing improved safety and protection. Years of research and development have resulted in an elegant philosophy to wave attenuation that breaks down the blast overpressure in a static device. The result is a lower pressure drop, no moving parts and maintenance free operational lifetime in an extremely cost-efficient product. Wozair Limited will be providing full documentation in dual-language for the project to meet French standards with definition and follow up folders for quality, traceability and workers qualifications. Documentation for the qualification of the BTA under the project conditions will also be provided. Wozair are thrilled to be a part of the project which is the largest new platform for irradiation experiments in support of Generation II and III reactors, Generation IV technologies, and radioisotope production.

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  • Fire Protection Systems

    Fire Protection Systems

    Fire in the hole! Wozair are proud to announce our range of pre-engineered fire damper solutions, which can be delivered more quickly and cost-effectively than bespoke equipment. Contact us today for more information.

    At Wozair we have decades of experience constructing bespoke fire damper solutions to suit a range of scenarios across different sectors. Over this time we've been able to develop configurations and design protocols which allow us to construct pre-engineered solutions to suit 80% of customer requirements. These packages can be quoted for more quickly, delivered more quickly and installed more cost-effectively than anything else on the market. Contact us today if you're interested in learning more.  

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  • Cruise Control

    Cruise Control

    We have been developing brand new cabin units, of which there are now five variations to suit different requirements and use cases.

    Wozair Cabin Unit Ventilation products are industry-leading in terms of quality, durability and performance. They are constructed from galvanised steel, and we install them with a manual lever for damper adjustment as standard. Depending on the mode, they have an airflow of 200/500 m3/h. We also offer an optional heater with PWN or ON/OFF management system, and a pressure dependent or independent operation system. Our engineering has delivered Cabin Unit Ventilation products that are far quieter, and offer lower pressure drop, than you'll find elsewhere.They are available in five variations to suit different use cases. See an overview of them below. B MAR LS: Single duct cabin unit, Manual type. For installation in the ceiling. B MAR LL / B MAR: Single duct cabin unit, Manual type. B MAR 230: Single duct cabin unit, Manual type. Heater option available, with PWN or ON / OFF management system. B MAR VAV: Automatic single cabin unit with pressure dependent or independent operation system. Air flow up to 500m3/h depending on model. Constructed from galvanised steel with air connection to DN 100 / 200. Hygienic mineral wool certified to VDI 6022 for plenum insulation. All models meet B15 RINA Certificate / USCG Approval. For further information: Contact Us

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  • Blast Proof

    Blast Proof

    Introducing the Wozair Blast Tube Array - our patented blast protection unit with no moving parts and no maintenance required. The ultimate in blast safety. Contact Us about the extremely cost effective product today at any of our Global Offices' today.

    Blast Tube Array Blast Tube Array technology remains maintenance free The Wozair Blast Tube Array (BTA) is a genuine technological revolution. It applies elegant, creative design to address some long-standing technical challenges and does so without any moving parts, so it's effectively maintenance free. Our BTA is patented, fully verified, tested and completely unrivalled. Contact us today to find out more.

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