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  • Large Order Secured For Arctic LNG 2

    Large Order Secured For Arctic LNG 2

    Wozair Middle East secured their first contract for the Arctic LNG 2 mega project based in Russia. The scope of the initial, substantial contract was 1,500 dampers, which will all be manufactured at their Head Office and manufacturing site in the UK. Recently Wozair Asia has received another large order on this project for modules, all of which will be manufactured in China. The large HVAC equipment order with Wozair will be processed in three stages with deliveries taking place throughout the year.

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  • Wozair Supply NHS With Dampers

    Wozair Supply NHS With Dampers

    During these incredibly difficult times, Wozair is pleased to be providing Isolation Dampers for the NHS in their ongoing fight with the Covid-19 global pandemic. Working with a main Contractor on Covid-19 isolation ward projects at both the University Hospital of Wales, located in Cardiff and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH). Wozair were tasked with supplying the high integrity isolation dampers. At the NNUH, a second emergency department has been created in response to the coronavirus outbreak and is used to treat patients with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 cases. The Wozair Butterfly Isolation Dampers are suited for extreme applications where there is a need to maintain zero leakage rates while operating within high ductwork pressures. Yvan Lavaux, Sales and Marketing Director, explains “we are extremely proud to be able to offer these solutions for the NHS at this most difficult of times. The new NHS facilities needed to be built in record time and we were pleased to be able to play our part in that process. Wozair will continue to prioritise any orders for equipment that assists in the fight against Coronavirus.” Going forward, Wozair is continuing to work on other Covid-19 applications, including superior solutions for the treatment of extract air in hospital wards and care homes.

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  • Wozair USA – Staten Island Ferries

    Wozair USA – Staten Island Ferries

    Wozair USA Secure Second Project with Staten Island Ferries

    After the success of the New York City Staten Island Ferry project in June of last year, Wozair (USA) has secured an additional two vessels in August and September this year. The Staten Island Ferry is a 320ft Icon of New York, dating back to 1817. With more than sixty-eight thousand passengers a day, or twenty-five million passengers a year, it is no wonder that New York City Department of Transportation has elected to add the additional vessels. The project consists of manufacturing a range of Fire Dampers and Control Dampers which must comply with the Buy America accreditation that Wozair (USA) achieved last year. This accreditation prioritises the purchase of American made goods, enabling Wozair (USA) to bid for and win projects in America. Mark Hubbard, General Manager of Wozair USA is delighted to have won the bid to manufacture the dampers for these vessels and hopes that this will better position them to secure more projects like this again in future.

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  • Production Begins at Appomattox

    Production Begins at Appomattox

    The Appomattox floating oil production system operated by Shell started production on Thursday 17th May, several months ahead of schedule. The development is a joint venture between Shell (79%) and CNOOC (21%) and is one of the largest projects to have recently launched in the Gulf of Mexico. The platform is expected to produce 175,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day from its position 80 miles southeast of the Louisiana coastline. Wozair manufactured a range of dampers and spares and offered various support services for Appomattox from September 2015 to December 2016, all of which were manufactured at their US facility in Houston, Texas. The factory, which opened in 2006, was one of four new manufacturing facilities that formed part of an international expansion by Wozair, who has since acquired two new businesses in the UK. Last year, Shell announced a new discovery near Appomattox that can be further drilled and developed through connections to the platform called the Dover discovery, which will prevent the need to build a new platform in the future. Since approving Appomattox in 2015, Shell has said that it achieved cost reductions of 40% as part of their commitment to drive down costs through efficiency improvements during execution. Wozair USA are pleased to have been part of the cost-saving project that has since led to new discoveries in the first large-scale production off the Gulf of Mexico.   Photo Credit : Shell

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  • Wozair USA Secure Large Order

    Wozair USA Secure Large Order

    Wozair USA Secure Large Order with Gulf Island for Moisture Eliminators Manufactured by Veotec – a Subsidiary of The Wozair Group

    Wozair USA Secure Large Order with Gulf Island for Moisture Eliminators Manufactured by Veotec – a Subsidiary of The Wozair Group Wozair USA secured the contract for twenty Moisture Eliminators with Gulf Island in April last year after they won the order to build ten new tug boats for Bay-Houston Towing Co. Bay Houston has been involved in ships and boats in Texas waters since 1875 and is the fourth largest harbour tug fleet in the USA. The bespoke tug Louvres manufactured by Veotec are designed to prohibit the ingress of wind driven rain into the ventilation system, thus protecting operators, equipment and the environment. The tugs, which are primarily designed for escort duties, are powered by Caterpillar (EPA Tier 4) engines and Schottel Z-drive units that allow the tug to generate bollard pulls of 80 tonnes and minimum speeds of 30 knots. Gulf Island has now delivered the first of the tugs to Bay Houston Towing with another nine to follow in the coming months. Wozair USA are delighted to have secured the project, which is just one of a number they have recently secured in North and South America. The increase in recent projects has led to further growth for the company, resulting in their best year to date in 2018.

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  • Jet Fly High in 2018

    Jet Fly High in 2018

    Jet Environmental is a small business acquired by Wozair in 2016. Based in Solihull in the West Midlands the team of 10 design and install temperature control systems in large volume, open plan industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical buildings. We use the latest air induction technology and work with blue chip businesses and leading consultants and contractors. Our small tight knit team mixes with some illustrious company; this year we have installed systems for Nestle, BooHoo, Pretty Little Thing, NHS and Hyundai to name a few. A total of 20 projects with a value over £9m and profit over £3m makes 2018 Jet’s most successful to date! Next year we are poised for more business and have bolstered our team with an additional project engineer and HVAC system design engineer. We would like to congratulate everyone involved in this achievement and look forward to seeing what 2019 brings. Jason Hibbs - Director, Jet Environmental

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  • Time Lapse – Louvres Installation

    Time Lapse – Louvres Installation

    The Veotec Group are a UK based subsidiary of The Wozair Group with a strong presence in the USA. Here is a 10-minute time lapse of the Veotec Americas team installing their ESFH Fluid Heated Louvres at Augsburg University, Minnesota. SEFH fluid heated air intake louvers combine the superior water removal efficiency of Veotec SE1 vane separators with heat exchanger technology to de-ice the inlet and heat or chill the air stream. The anti-icing properties effectively removes snow, ice, hoarfrost, drift, fog, mist, and rain from the air stream. Snow bounces off and through most cold louvers, hoods, and drift eliminators until it finally builds up on the filters or on the eliminator. Veotec SEFH fluid heated louvers melt snow and prevent icing. Snow flakes instantly melt into water droplets where we effectively drain the coalesced droplets away. SEFH fluid heated louvers are optimally spaced for first stage water removal for inlets and filtration systems so there is no need for pre-filtration like normal coils. In many cases these louvers can be bolted in place of hoods. If required, the louvers can be sized to fit inside of most hoods. Inlets already using coils can benefit from an added boost in performance.

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  • Oil Flows from Clair Ridge

    Oil Flows from Clair Ridge

    Oil from BP’s major Clair Ridge development which is expected to produce for the next four decades begun flowing on the 19th November. The Clair field was discovered in 1977 and is estimated to contain 7 billion barrels of oil and gas. The export has already been increased from 8,000 barrels to 19,000 barrels per day with a further flowline expected to be onstream hopefully in December. Wozair have manufactured HVAC packages, spares and offered support services from 2011 to 2018, much of which was manufactured on the Medway City Estate before the move to the new premises on Grosvenor Road, Gillingham. Packages included Dampers, Separators, AHU’s, Chillers, Fans & Humidifiers, Louvres, Heaters, Control Panels and Air Terminal Units. The start of production at the facility, which will recover an estimated 640 million barrels is seen as a significant moment for the UK’s Oil and Gas sector. It is the second phase of development in the larger Clair Field, where the first phase began oil production in 2005. BP/AMEC who managed the project over the years have thanked everyone involved in the supply chain of the Clair Ridge story - a 40 year legacy project that will supply up to 10% of the UK’s oil demand.

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  • Jet Secure Largest Order Yet

    Jet Secure Largest Order Yet

    Jet Environmental Secure Biggest Order to Date

    Jet Environmental Systems has been successful in securing its biggest order since starting in 1981! With an order value of £3.5m, Hive revenue is bigger than many recent full year turnovers. Hive is the project name for a multi chamber, multi temperature automated warehouse for Nestle, the world’s largest food and beverage company with more than 2000 brands. The warehouse will be operated by XPO Logistics and built by Winvic Construction. Jet who are part of the Wozair Group, is responsible for installing temperature and humidity control for all of the internal spaces. Cooling will be provided by chiller equipment supplied by Johnson Controls, specified by Jet to manage the extremely tight environmental tolerances required by the customer. The project is located adjacent to East Midlands airport, commencing in September and concluding early in 2019.

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  • New Temporary Building

    New Temporary Building

    New temporary building provides more testing space at Wozair.

    Wozair has constructed a new temporary building situated in the lower section of the rear yard in Gillingham, following demand for more space after securing a large project. After a competitive tendering process, Warwickshire based Smart Space were appointed to build the temporary facility at the head offices, which now provides additional space for testing large Air Handling Units (AHU’s). AHU’s are designed to provide conditioned air that is filtered, cooled, heated, humidified or dehumidified according to customer requirements. Each unit must go through rigorous testing before it is packed and shipped to the client. Previously, the workshop had capacity for testing only one unit at a time. With the addition of the temporary building multiple units can now be tested simultaneously, resulting in shorter lead times. Wozair are thrilled to have had the option to extend their factory space to meet growing demand. Smart Space designed the 30m x 15m structure which stands 6m tall with a sloped roof providing extra height. The independently owned and British based company employs over 30 staff working closely with their customers to ensure all regulatory standards are met. Wozair initially planned to retain the unit for 3 months to assist with current projects; however, if demand for more space continues this may be extended.  

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  • BTA for the Jules Horowitz Reactor

    BTA for the Jules Horowitz Reactor

    Wozair Limited have been selected to manufacture Blast Protection Dampers for the Jules Horowitz Reactor (RHJ) which is currently under construction at Cadarache in Southern France. The RJH is a Material Test Reactor (MTR) named after the 20th century French nuclear scientist Jules Horowitz and is expected to begin operation in 2021. The reactors construction was recommended by ESFRI as a replacement for the European Union’s existing materials testing reactors, which were all built in the 1960’s, and are expected to reach the end of their service lives by 2020. Blast Tube Array (BTA) will be provided for the programme in both single and modular sizes of up to 2440W/1300H and 2500W/1000H. The dampers are located on the MVK and MVL backup networks between the external AHU and between the exhaust fans and external fans. Blast systems will also be included on the fresh air ducting and exhaust of cooling units EIS2. The Wozair BTA is a technical revolution in blast protection, addressing several technical challenges whilst providing improved safety and protection. Years of research and development have resulted in an elegant philosophy to wave attenuation that breaks down the blast overpressure in a static device. The result is a lower pressure drop, no moving parts and maintenance free operational lifetime in an extremely cost-efficient product. Wozair Limited will be providing full documentation in dual-language for the project to meet French standards with definition and follow up folders for quality, traceability and workers qualifications. Documentation for the qualification of the BTA under the project conditions will also be provided. Wozair are thrilled to be a part of the project which is the largest new platform for irradiation experiments in support of Generation II and III reactors, Generation IV technologies, and radioisotope production.

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  • Wozair (USA) Accreditation

    Wozair (USA) Accreditation

    Wozair receive Buy American and Buy American accreditation at their USA facility in March this year

    Wozair are delighted to have received Buy America and Buy American accreditation in March this year at their USA facility, enabling them to bid and win their first project under this scheme for designing and manufacturing of bespoke heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) components for the Staten Island ferries in New York City. The project consists of manufacturing a range of Fire Dampers, Blast Dampers and Control Dampers for 3 x 320ft vessels. The compliance has created a host of opportunities for the company who also have manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the USA as well as their primary base in the UK. The Buy America Act is the name for a group of domestic content restrictions that attach to specific funds administered by the American Department of Transportation (DOT) and is part of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982. Separate and distinct from the Buy America Act is the Buy American Act, passed in congress in 1933 which only applies to “federal” procurement. It does not apply to DOT funded state/local projects because, while the source of the money for those projects is federal, such purchases are not made directly by the federal government. Both Acts seek to increase transparency and ensure federal agencies prioritise purchase of American-made goods in compliance with the existing law. It enables Wozair to bid for jobs directly on the US government portal. The penalties for non-compliance are serious and include civil or criminal False Claims Act Violations, suspension or debarment. Wozair are currently bidding for a number of exciting projects under the legislation which they are hoping to win and expand their client portfolio.

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  • Latest MFD in Oldest Power Station Dounreay

    Latest MFD in Oldest Power Station Dounreay

    Wozair HVAC Specialists supply the new Sellafield Engineering Standard MFD Fire Dampers, for installation into one of the oldest nuclear power stations in the world, Dounreay on the Scottish north coast.

    Fire Damper MFD installed at Dounreay by Wozair New Sellafield Engineering Standard Fire Dampers MFD installed at oldest power station Dounreay Wozair HVAC Specialists are proud to announce the securing of orders to supply the new Sellafield Engineering Standard Fire Dampers, for installation into one of the oldest nuclear power stations in the world, Dounreay on the Scottish north coast. Fire Damper specifications within the UK nuclear industry have changed over the last couple of years with the introduction of the EN1336 Part 2 fire test which demands more rigorous testing while maintaining the products' integrity and containment, all of which are key features of this product. To learn more about our MFD Fire Damper product range and all its exciting features, tap here. 

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  • Frozen Assets

    Frozen Assets

    The Yamal LNG project is located deep in the Russian Arctic. A venture undertaken by Novatek, CNPC Total, and Silk Road Fund. Due to the extremly harsh weather conditions experienced in this part of the world. Our equipment has been designed and developed to operate within the extreme conditions on the Yamal peninsula. Being located above the Arctic Circle. A region that is ice-bound for seven to nine months during the year, it's isolated location from all cities and oil and gas infrastructure creates a challenging and complex project. With the facility expected to produce 16.5 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas annually. Wozair Limited are due to supply over 1100 items including FGDs, MFDs and BRDs. With the contract split to give more efficient manufacture time and to meet deadlines.

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  • Take It To The Bridge

    Take It To The Bridge

    Talisman Montrose BLP Sets Sail from Heerema Shipyard

    According to Talisman Sinopec, the 10,500 tons Montrose BLP topside was loaded on the barge at the Zwijndrecht yard in The Netherlands. Heerema Fabrication Group’s Zwijndrecht yard started the construction of the integrated production Montrose BLP topsides in March 2013. At the time, the topside was planned to be completed for load out in April 2015. The topside is meant for Montrose Area Redevelopment (MAR) project, located in the UK North Sea, where Talisman Sinopec Energy UK is the operator with a working interest of 58.97%, and Marubeni Oil & Gas (U.K.) is its sole partner. MAR is a project that sees the significant modification and expansion of the existing Montrose Area infrastructure including the development of three new fields: Godwin, Cayley and Shaw. The new BLP will be connected to the Montrose Alpha platform – one of the oldest in the North Sea – to provide additional process and plant support facilities.

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