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Wozair Supply NHS With Dampers

Wozair Supply NHS With Dampers

During these incredibly difficult times, Wozair is pleased to be providing Isolation Dampers for the NHS in their ongoing fight with the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Working with the University Hospital of Wales, located in Cardiff and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH), Wozair has designed and manufactured the Dampers that will be used.

At the NNUH, a second emergency department has been created in response to the coronavirus outbreak and is used to treat patients with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 cases.

The Wozair Butterfly Isolation Dampers are suited for extreme applications where there is a need to maintain zero leakage rates while operating within high ductwork pressures. Yvan Lavaux, Sales and Marketing Director, explains “we are extremely proud to be able to offer these solutions for the NHS at this most difficult of times. The new NHS facilities needed to be built in record time and we were pleased to be able to play our part in that process. Wozair will continue to prioritise any orders for equipment that assists in the fight against Coronavirus.”

Going forward, Wozair is continuing to work on other Covid-19 applications, in particular pathogen reduction, which is the method by which infectious pathogens in blood for transfusion are inactivated by adding riboflavin and irradiating with heat.

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