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Time Lapse – Louvres Installation

Time Lapse – Louvres Installation

The Veotec Group are a UK based subsidiary of The Wozair Group with a strong presence in the USA. Here is a 10-minute time lapse of the Veotec Americas team installing their ESFH Fluid Heated Louvres at Augsburg University, Minnesota.

SEFH fluid heated air intake louvers combine the superior water removal efficiency of Veotec SE1 vane separators with heat exchanger technology to de-ice the inlet and heat or chill the air stream. The anti-icing properties effectively removes snow, ice, hoarfrost, drift, fog, mist, and rain from the air stream.

Snow bounces off and through most cold louvers, hoods, and drift eliminators until it finally builds up on the filters or on the eliminator. Veotec SEFH fluid heated louvers melt snow and prevent icing. Snow flakes instantly melt into water droplets where we effectively drain the coalesced droplets away. SEFH fluid heated louvers are optimally spaced for first stage water removal for inlets and filtration systems so there is no need for pre-filtration like normal coils. In many cases these louvers can be bolted in place of hoods. If required, the louvers can be sized to fit inside of most hoods. Inlets already using coils can benefit from an added boost in performance.

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