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Large Order Secured For Arctic LNG 2

Large Order Secured For Arctic LNG 2

Wozair Middle East secured their first contract for the Arctic LNG 2 mega project based in Russia. The scope of the initial, substantial contract was 1,500 dampers, which will all be manufactured at their Head Office and manufacturing site in the UK.

Recently Wozair Asia has received another large order on this project for modules, all of which will be manufactured in China.

The LNG (liquid natural gas) plant will consist of three liquefaction trains with an overall production capacity of 19.8m tons per annum. The launch of LNG train #1 was scheduled for 2023, with LNG trains #2 and #3 to be launched in 2024 and 2026.

However, recent reports have shown that the project is actually ahead of schedule with a planned opening by the end of 2022.

The resource base for Arctic LNG 2 is the Utrenneye field located in the Gydan Peninsula. Arctic LNG 2 has employed an innovative concept using gravity-based structures and is the operator and owner of all the assets.

The large HVAC equipment order with Wozair will be processed in three stages with deliveries taking place throughout the year.

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