For When The Pressure Builds

Pressure Relief Damper (PRD)

Wozair Pressure Relief Dampers (PRD) are a range of high integrity dampers that have been designed to meet the requirements of the offshore oil and gas and nuclear markets where corrosion resistance, mechanical integrity and performance are primary factors.

The PRD is used to prevent backflow and relieve pressure through ventilation duct systems.

The Pressure Relief Damper can be modified to meet the requirements of specific clients specifications.

Pressure Relief Damper (PRD)

Pressure Relief Damper (PRD) Technical Data

  • ConstructionContinuously Welded / Riveted
  • LinkageParallel action
  • Minimum Module Size150W x 150H mm
  • Maximum Module SizeN/A
  • Materials304L (1.4307) / 316L (1.4404) and (1.4432) / Galvanised Carbon Steel / Galvanised Sheet Steel
  • ControlsWeight Kit / Spring Balancing Mechanism
Technical data sheet for Pressure Relief Damper (PRD)

Data Sheet

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