High Integrity Leakage Protection

Shut Off Damper (SOD)

For applications where gas leakage integrity matters, use the Wozair Shut-Off Damper.

Available in Pneumtic Isolation (PID), Electric Isolation (EID) and Manual (MID) control configurations, the Shut-Off Damper is designed for operation to ensure leakage is kept to a minimum without compromising on ATEX third party approval.

As with many of our products, the SOD is highly versatile device for use in both safe and hazardous areas. Its design is totally customisable,  from simple control layouts to SIL 2 certified assemblies where reliability is critical.

Shut Off Damper (SOD)

Shut Off Damper (SOD) Technical Data

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Technical data sheet for Shut Off Damper (SOD)

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