Ultimate Leakage Protection

Total Isolation Damper (TID)

To supplement our existing range of dampers, Wozair has added the new Total Isolation Damper (TID).

The TID is suited for extreme applications where there is a need to maintain zero leakage rates while operating within high ductwork pressures.

It is designed in accordance with BNG/BNFL and AWE specification NF0155/1 and DSD/A/S/2051/001.

The TID also meets BNFL/BNG ductwork specification NF0154/3. In order to achieve this, a unique blade design has been developed in line with NF0155/1 and DSD1/A/S/2051/001.

Total Isolation Damper (TID)

Total Isolation Damper (TID) Technical Data

  • Fire RatingN/A
  • Explosive AtmosphereN/A
  • LeakageBlade leakage air tight at 6,000 Pa differential pressure. Water tight at 50,000 Pa differential pressure (to 800 x 800 mm).
  • Minimum Module Size250W x 250H x 350D mm
  • Maximum Module Size1000W x 1000W x 350D mm (Dampers for larger airways can be a assembled from a number of units)
  • Materials304L (1.4307) / 316L (1.4404)
  • ControlsElectric / Manual
Technical data sheet for Total Isolation Damper (TID)

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