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Volume Control Damper (VCD)

Achieve simple and cost effective manual flow control application with the Wozair Volume Control Damper (VCD).

Available in both non-isolating flow control (VCD) and isolating flow control Manual Isolation (MID), these dampers are suited to high-integrity application where lifespan and simplicity are key, with optional ATEX third party approval.

The VCD / MID units have been deployed in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

Volume Control Damper (VCD)

Volume Control Damper (VCD) Technical Data

  • Explosive AtmosphereATEX EC Type Examination Certificate by SIRA
  • LeakageEN 1751 Class B Case Leakage, Class 2 Blade Leakage (MID only)
  • Minimum Module Size150W x 150H x 200/300D mm
  • Maximum Module Size2500W x 2100H x 300H mm
  • MaterialsAISI 304L (1.4307) / 316L (1.4404) / Galvanised Carbon Steel / Galvanised Sheet Steel
  • ControlsManual
Technical data sheet for Volume Control Damper (VCD)

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