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Wozair work with a number of leading European and Scandinavian vendors in the manufacture of bespoke refrigeration and cooling equipment packages, from initial load design to control circuitry and piping requirements, to produce high quality equipment.

Wozair provide water or seawater cooled chillers and condensers, air cooled chillers and condensers and dry coolers as fully assembled units for hook-up on site. We use HFC refrigerants with low global warming potential, and all our units can be provided with integrated control panels. Piping and Instrumenaton Diagrams (P&IDs) are also provided where required.

Wozair supply air conditioning units (ACUs) for vertical upward or downward airflow suitable for installation in ducted systems, as standalone units or to supply to floor voids in electrical rooms.

Equipment is designed in accordance with applicable EU Directives and EN378.


Refrigeration Technical Data

  • EU DirectivesMachinery Directive: 2006/42/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive: Low Voltage 2014/35/EU
  • ATEX Directive: ATEX 2014/34/EU
  • EMC Directive: EMC 2014/30/EU
  • Pressure Equipment Directive: PED 97/23/EC
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